It starts with Experience:

Back To Black Driveway Sealcoating Corp. has over 20 years of experience in the pavement maintenance industry. They strive to get better year after year by going to industry trade shows looking for ways to improve service and products with the ultimate goal of giving you the best possible job out there.

Back To Black Driveways Warranty:

Our Sealed residential driveways have a one year Back to Black Driveway Sealcoating Corp. warranty, that means no worries for you.

Quality Control:

Every one of the Back To Black Driveways operators get random spot checks by the president of the company. We insure that every Back to Black Driveways operator gives you the best quality possible. No inconsistencies from operator to operator as you will definitely find with the competition.

 We have a strict quality control model in place for every operator. Every job goes through an 8 Step Process.


No Hidden Costs:

We have set pricing that includes everything involved in sealing and crack repair of your driveway. No extra charges for edging, normal crack repair, joint filling and oil spot priming like that other company with Black in there name.


Every Back to Black Driveway Sealcoating Corp. operator is fully insured, so no worries for you.

Oil Prep:

Oil on asphalt is not good. We prep the oil with a special formulation primer. This will stop oil from bleeding through your newly sealcoated driveway.


Back to Black Driveways sealcoating rigs are the best in the industry hands down. Every rig has a 700 gallon fully agitated tank for optimum sealant quality and consistency. They also have self contained electric pump water hoses and cleaning supplies just in case of an accidental spill, it will be cleaned immediately.

Best Performing Products:

We use the absolute best pavement sealer on the market. But we go 3 steps further by adding silica sand for extra strength and durability and gives the pavement some grip. Then we add a polymer additive which greatly reduces power steering marks and helps retain water to the surface of the pavement. The last additive -- we can’t tell you what it is -- lets just say it makes your driveways much blacker then the competitions sealers.
1. We use the #1 performing hot pour crack sealant on the market to give your driveway even more added protection.

2. We spend more on our products but it is worth it. We strive to be the best and will only use the best possible products available. Our prices are middle of the road for top of the road quality.